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"Outstanding. I've never sought help on the repair of a PC before. I built my own PC's up until, laptops became mainstay. I'm well aware of buying motherboards, flashing Bios, installing a new hard drive, anti virus,etc. Recently my current laptop failed to a point I was at my wit's end. My options I felt were, "Bite the Bullet, buy a new Laptop", with cash I didn't have, or call for help. This due to over the years I use my Laptop daily to read the news, pay bills, everything, it would be a nightmare to lose 4 year's of the info on this laptop. I called the "Commercial Guy's" and not being impressed, I was told, "Just drop it off, pay some $$, we'll get back to you" I took a chance and called Sound Computer, left a message, midday. Jeffrey at Sound Computer Services called me back, 8:30 pm, apologized for calling late. We talked for 20 minutes, I mentioned I needed concrete solutions, he was honest as hell, I was impressed by him. Set a verbal to drop my computer off 1st off the next day. I write this from a Sony Viao Laptop that had a Corrupt Bios, Failed Hard Drive, failed CPU Fan, and I was ready to trash and sing the blues. Jeffrey stayed until he fixed it, 6:30 pm, he wiped it clean, brought it back to "Original Condition", even saved my MS Office files. In one Day! He's an Expert at computer repair. I have no relation with him, I signed up to Google just give him a good review. I meet him at 10:30 am.this day."
Dan In Milford